The Summit County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Bureau is a component of the Operations Division and reports directly to the Assistant Sheriff-Chief of Investigations. The Investigations Bureau is comprised of six Investigative Units, which are: General Assignment, Welfare Fraud Unit, Property/ Evidence, Sex Offender Unit, Computer Crimes Unit and Direct Indictment.   

General Assignment
This unit consists of two Lieutenants, two Sergeants and 11 Detectives. The unit is responsible for criminal investigations within designated patrol areas and throughout all of Summit County as requested.

Welfare Fraud Unit
The Welfare Unit currently has one Detective assigned to investigate persons that are receiving fraudulently obtained benefits. The investigations are initiated through the Jobs and Family Services Office after irregularities are discovered.

Property / Evidence
The Summit County Sheriff’s Office has two Property / Evidence technicians. This unit is responsible for acceptance of all items found, confiscated or seized by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. The property unit is then responsible for the disposition of the items either by returning them to the proper person, destruction or sale as required by law.

Sex Offender Unit
The Sex Offender Unit has three Detectives assigned to the unit. They are primarily responsible for implementing the Ohio State law regarding the registration and monitoring of convicted sex offenders in Summit County. The Sex Offender Unit’s responsibility is to also investigate internet cases involving the seduction of children.

Computer Crimes Unit
The Computer Crimes Unit has one investigator whose primary responsibility is to analyze computers for evidence of a criminal nature. Also to process the evidence and advise the lead Detective if any criminal activity if found on the computers hard drive. 

Direct Indictment
This unit is responsible for the review of all felony arrests by this department and to expedite those cases through the Municipal Courts. The direct indictment unit will also support the Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls direct indictment personnel.

The Sheriff’s Investigations Bureau may assist other local law enforcement agencies in special investigations of county-wide and regional crime.

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