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The Summit County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit consists of four full-time Deputies and several dogs. These dogs are highly trained in bomb detection, officer protection, tracking and drug detection. The dogs live with their handlers and the Deputies families. During duty hours, the dogs are the handler’s “partner” and ride in specially equipped patrol vehicles. k91

The patrol dogs supplement the regular Sheriff’s Patrols and assist all Patrol Deputies with building searches, tracking suspects and recovery of contraband. The patrol dogs have been successful in searching for lost children and elderly persons who wander away from their homes or care-givers. The patrol dogs are trained to interact with the public and are frequently used in demonstrations at schools and for community groups.  k92

The newest addition to the K-9 staff is a specially trained explosives detection dog. The addition of this dog and handler was made possible through the cooperation of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. The explosive detection dog will be used at the Akron/Canton Regional Airport and will also supplement the SWAT Team, Patrol Bureau, Drug Unit and other law enforcement agencies.

 All members of the Summit County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit receive ongoing training and maintain certification through the federal government and/or the State of Ohio.

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