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The Summit County Sheriff's Office has three Sheriff's Deputies who patrol the 41 Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) locations along with 500 family units.

The deputies handle any complaint that comes up, do follow-ups and make the safety of the residents their priority.

It's not all business, however, for the deputies. They do a lot of special activities for the AMHA residents. In the family developments they hold bike rodeos for the children, fingerprint the children for the parents' own records and give safety classes. For the people living in the high rises, the deputies organize and put on health fairs, picnics and Christmas luncheons.

The deputies walk the grounds and talk with the residents and their children because the deputies know how important interaction is.

Every day the deputies give badges and coloring books to the children. At the Bike Rodeos the deputies give bikes, bike helmets and T-shirts to a number of the children.

One of the most important jobs a deputy has is to help build community awareness and greater trust in the Sheriff's Office. Each deputy is responsible to work closely with his or her management team in an assigned location. This effort enhances a spirit of cooperation between the residents and the Sheriff's Office in reducing criminal activity in AMHA locations.

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