The Summit County Drug Unit is a multi-jurisdictional task force that investigates major organized groups involved in the illegal distribution of drugs as well as any alleged violations by persons involved in the use or sale of illegal drugs. The Summit County Drug Unit also has the responsibility to identify and destroy illegal channels of drugs into Summit County, arrest violators and seize their illicit financial assets.

The Summit County Drug Unit consists of the following agencies: the Summit County Sheriff's Office, Summit County Prosecutor's Office, Akron Police Department, The University of Akron Police Department, Barberton Police Department, Cuyahoga Falls Police Department, Stow Police Department, Copley Police Department, Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation, FBI, DEA, ATF, and the IRS.

The Summit County Drug Unit has joined with the Akron Police Department Task Force to form the Akron/Summit County HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Initiative. Northern Ohio has been designated a high intensity drug trafficking area by the federal government. The staff at HIDTA provides training, intelligence, de-confliction and financial support to participants. The Ohio HIDTA  coordinates intelligence information with over 20 other HIDTA areas throughout The United States.  The Akron/Summit County HIDTA Initiative is the largest in Ohio. The Summit County Drug Unit  operates in a trusting, communicative and cooperative atmosphere with the Akron Police Department Task Force.  The by-product of this effort has, and continues to be a larger percentage of highly successful cases and convictions.The Summit County Drug Unit has formed the Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Response Team in cooperation with the Akron Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration.  This team of highly trained officers and agents respond to  clandestine Methamphetamine laboratories as they are discovered in Summit County. The manufacture of Methamphetamine requires usage of highly toxic and dangerous materials. Since its formation in 2001, the Methamphetamine Laboratory Response Team has responded to more than seventy-five  emergencies in Summit County. Through the efforts of these highly dedicated officers, Summit County leads the State of Ohio in the detection and elimination of these dangerous sites.

The Summit County Drug Unit continues on its mission to initiate narcotics-related cases and cooperate with and assist other agencies through complex and innovative investigative techniques, thus providing a valuable service to the citizens of Summit County.

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