Chief Doug Smith heads the Operations Division of the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

The Operations Division encompasses the Patrol Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Dispatch Burea, Court Services, Administration, Internal Affairs, Training, and several Specialty Units. 

The focus of the Operations Division is to serve the community by providing policing services. As a result community policing has been the impetus behind such programs as our A.M.H.A. Initiative, Senior Visitation Initiative, Domestic Violence Response Team and numerous other projects. We feel the philosophy behind these initiatives helps to improve the quality of life for everyone in our county.

Grants have been a focus in past years to help pay for equipment and special programs without creating an added tax burden to Summit County residents. This helps the Sheriff's Office provide quality service at a reasonable cost to contracting law enforcement areas. In 1998, in addition to the Akron Canton Airport, the City of Green, and Coventry and Northfield Center Townships the Sheriff's Office contracted with Twinsburg Township to provide policing protection.

The Sheriff's Office is striving to meet the needs of our community.

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