The steps and information below are for ID Fraud Victims who have had their SSN or any other identifiers compromised:

  • File a report with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office (330) 643-2181
  • Get a copy of the Report from Summit County Records & ID (330) 643-2141. This takes approximately 1 week.
  • Visit the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) website at www.identifytheft.govThis will explain ID Fraud in full detail
  • File an FTC report
  • Visit NCTUE (National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange) website at company will provide credit history information to utility companies, cell phone companies and other similar companies
  • Obtain a Credit Freeze with NCTUE. This will lock your credit history with all 4 Credit Bureaus: Experian, Equifax, Transunion, and Innovis. As of September 21, 2018, Credit Freezes were made free to all Americans. The Credit Freeze will lock you down for about 90% of ID Fraud.

Locking your ID is a better option than to leave it open for more fraud in the future.

If you are notified that you’re a victim of Ohio Unemployment Fraud, you MUST DISPUTE this within 2 weeks with your employer. It you YOUR responsibility to report Unemployment Fraud with the State of Ohio by going to their website at 

There are no-report businesses that do not check a person’s credit history. Some examples of these are Payday Loan & Cash Advance businesses and Buy Here/Pay Here car lots. These types of accounts would notify you if a loan that is in your name became delinquent for more than 60 days and a collection notice would be sent to you.

Contact the business and dispute the loan as fraudulent. Provide the original Sheriff’s Record/Report and the date you obtained a Credit Freeze on your accounts. 

All fraudulent accounts/activities MUST BE DISPUTED by the victim, or the financial institutions will continue to hold them financially responsible for the debt. 

  • Obtain a copy of your Credit Report in addition to the Credit Freeze from the following Bureaus. Each Bureau offers one free Credit Report per year. The Bureaus contact information is below:

Victims who have had bank accounts (checking or savings) opened fraudulently in their name or are concerned about this happening, can lock their identity similar to a Credit Freeze by contacting Chexsystems: (800) 428-9623 or



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