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What is VINE ?
Victim Information Notification Everyday
VINE is free, anonymous, computer-based service that provides victims of crime two important services: Information and Notification.

For defendant custody and court information, call 1-800-770-0192 and follow the prompts. Callers use basic information to search the VINE database. VINE will quickly provide the caller with offender status information, and will provide information on upcoming court events and hearings.

Callers may choose to register for automated telephone notification when an offender has a change in status throughout the criminal justice process.

VINE Registration Information
Please have the following information before calling the VINE hotline:

  • Offender's Name
  • Inmate Number (for county inmates)
  • Institution Number (for DRC/DYS offenders)
  • Court Case Number (for court information)
  • PIN Code (your four-digit Personal ID#)


We have posted some "VINE" questions below, however, this area is considered still "under construction." Our intention is have answers to as many questions you may have. If the answer cannot be found we encourage you to contact VINE. Your question may be important and benefit others who may have the same question. Please return often.

How do I participate in the VINE program? To locate an offender in a county jail, state prison or state juvenile facility; or to register for notification, call the VINE hotline directly from a touch-tone phone. Once connected, follow the computer prompts given by the VINE service. During registration you will be asked to provide a telephone number and select a four-digit PIN code. The Ohio VINE service is available in English and Spanish. Offenders housed in a municipal jail facility are not yet included in the VINE database.

What is a PIN? The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a four-digit number chosen by you. Your PIN is used to confirm receipt of notification calls from VINE. Choose a number that is easy for you to remember and write it down.

What if I’m not at home or my phone is busy when VINE calls? The VINE service is designed to allow every opportunity for you to be notified. If there is no answer or the line is busy, VINE will continue to call for a minimum of 24 hours. VINE will leave a message on an answering machine, but will continue to call for 24 hours or until the PIN is entered.

Can I register more than one telephone number with VINE? Yes, but each registration must be done separately and requires a PIN. You may use the same PIN for several registrations.

Does VINE ensure my safety? The VINE program is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to offender information and to assist you in preparing for an offender’s release. Do not depend solely on VINE or any other program for your safety.

Who sponsors VINE? VINE is provided by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, the Buckeye Sheriffs’ Association, the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys’ Association, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction and the Ohio Department of Youth Services and is funded by a Victims Of Crime Act grant.


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