The Summit County Sheriff’s Office Court and Special Services Bureau is a component of the Administration Division and reports directly to the Major Of Operations.  The Court and Special Services Bureau is supervised by one lieutenant, six sergeants and one civilian supervisor.  The bureau is comprised of a total of 40 deputies and 9 civilian employees.  There are four processing units: Civil, Warrants, Convey and Court Services. 

Civil Unit: The Civil Unit is responsible for all mortgage foreclosures and delinquent tax sales.  The Service & Return Unit and Foreclosure Unit are part of Civil processing. The Service & Return Unit processes and executes prompt service and return of all common pleas court papers within Summit County.

Warrants Unit: The Warrants Unit’s primary responsibility is to serve current and outstanding warrants within Summit County. This unit assists in transporting apprehended prisoners to Summit County from other Ohio jurisdictions when an active warrant exists.The Warrants Unit detectives participate in the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force (NOVFTF), a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement unit.  The goal of the NOVFTF is to protect of the citizens of this county by apprehending persons with outstanding warrants for violent crimes.

Convey Unit: The Convey Unit is responsible for the scheduling and transportation of sentenced prisoners to and from various state institutions throughout Ohio.

Court Services: The Court Services deputies serve the fourteen Common Pleas Judges (ten General Division, two Domestic Relations, one Probate Court, and one Juvenile Court ). The primary responsibility of a deputy assigned as Court Services Deputy is to transport prisoners to and from the jail and other specified facilities in a timely and safe manner. There are a total of 26 Court Service deputies assigned at the Common Pleas Court and five at the Juvenile Division Court. 

Court Security: Beginning in the year 2000, the Sheriff’s Court and Special Services Bureau had the additional responsibility of providing security at each entrance of the Summit County Court of Common Pleas. Beginning in 2008, the procedures were changed and no unauthorized items were confiscated.  Items must be secured by the owner or thrown away.





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