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Kandy Fatheree, Sheriff

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Summit County Sheriff Logo

County of Summit

Sheriff's Office

Kandy Fatheree, Sheriff

Summit County Sheriff Fatheree

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Commendations & Awards

Deputies Kayla Szalay, Adjar Kazim, Terrell Kemp, and Nolan Ritchie

On September 9, 2021, while conducting a security round at the Jail, Deputy Szalay discovered an inmate attempting suicide by hanging with a sheet. She immediately called for assistance and Deputies Kazim, Ritchie, and Kemp responded and were able to untie the sheet and carry the inmate outside the cell. They discovered that the inmate was unconscious but had a pulse and began life-saving measures until the inmate regained consciousness. Medical staff arrived to the scene and accessed the inmate and determined he needed no further treatment. The quick response, diligence, and teamwork demonstrated by Deputies Szalay, Kazim, Kemp, and Ritchie resulted in this inmate's life being saved. As such, Sheriff Fatheree will be presenting all four with the Life-Saving Award. 

Deputies Nathan May and David Roberts

On August 22, 2021, while conducting a security round at the Jail, Deputy May discovered an inmate hanging by the neck from the upper bunk of his cell. He immediately called for assistance, entered the cell, and lifted the inmate to take pressure off his neck until help arrived. Deputy Roberts entered and assisted Deputy May in untying the ligature from the inmate's neck. Together, they carried the inmate to the floor outside the cell and discovered that he was not breathing. Deputy May began life-saving measures until medical staff arrived and the inmate was transported to the hospital where he made a full recovery. Deputies May and Roberts' swift response saved this inmates' life. As such, Sheriff Fatheree will be presenting them both with the Life-Saving Award. 

Deputy Delvon Carson and Ms. Monique Bushner

On August 18, 2021, Deputies Carson and Ms. Monique Bushner observed a pick-up truck drive over a curb and strike a tree on Romig Road. The cab of the truck began to fill with smoke, and there were two occupants inside. Deputy Carson was off duty at the time, but he and Ms. Bushner approached the vehicle as it broke into flames and attempted to open the doors and rescue the occupants. Due to the doors being locked, Deputy Carson grabbed a rock and broke the passenger-side window and he and Ms. Bushner were able to get the male passenger out of the vehicle. At that time, Akron Fire arrived on-scene. Unfortunately, the vehicle quickly became engulfed and the driver was unable to be saved. The passenger was transported to the hospital and recovered from his injuries. If not for Deputy Carson's and Ms. Bushner's quick response, the passenger likely would have perished as well. Therefore, Sheriff Kandy Fatheree is award both Deputy Carson and Ms. Bushner with the Life-Saving Award. 

Deputies Jason Ruggles and Michael Tait

On July 7, 2021, while conducting a security round at the Jail, Deputy Tait observed an inmate hanging from his bunk by a t-shirt. He immediately called for assistance and pulled the inmate onto his bunk and removed the t-shirt from his neck. Deputies Ruggles and Tait observed that the inmate was unconscious but had a pulse, and Ruggles began performing life-saving measures until the inmate regain consciousness. Medical staff arrived on scene and took the inmate to the hospital for further treatment, where he made a full recovery. The immediate actions taken by Deputies Ruggles and Tait saved this inmate's life. As such, Sheriff Fatheree is awarding both with the Life-Saving Award.

Deputy Corin Usinski

Deputy Usinski is being recognized for going above and beyond in the performance of his duties within the Sheriff's Office Metro Crash Response Team, where he serves as Assistant Commander of Operations and has responded to 17 callouts this year (as of October). As the Operations Commander, Deputy Usinski is responsible for establishing trainings, creating guidelines and programs, record keeping, and reporting to the Crash Team Board of Directors comprised of Police Chiefs from all member agencies. Additionally, Deputy Usinski also serves as a Field Training Officer for Patrol and a trainer for the new Tyler reporting system and Brazos e-ticketing system, for which he has made himself available and adjusted his schedule to accommodate for new trainings processes and updates. For Deputy Usinski's extra efforts and going above and beyond in 2021, Sheriff Fatheree is presenting him with a Commendation. 

Lt. Karla Bloomingdale, Kelly Pongracz, Leigh-Ann Slaughter

The three are being recognized for their diligent efforts throughout 2021 working to implement a wholly new Records Management System. During this several-year process, meeting upon meeting was held with the company and other police agencies in order to make changes to the program. This was a daunting task because each agency needed the program to work based on their individual needs. Because the program’s roll-out schedule had to be changed several times due different factors, staff had to be trained and re-trained. Bloomingdale, Pongracz, and Slaughter made themselves available at all hours to deputies, dispatchers, and records clerks who had questions and difficulties navigating the program. They did this in addition to their daily workloads, often working on their days off or vacation days. Although, the system is now up and running, they continue to put forth the extra effort necessary to work out problems and answer questions. For these years-long efforts, Sheriff Fatheree is awarding them the Certificate of Appreciation.

Deputy Michael Lopez & Shannon Lopez

On May 31, 2021, while on vacation at Disney World in Florida, Deputy Lopez and his wife Shannon, an ER nurse, responded to a women having a medical emergency. The elderly woman was losing consciousness and showing extremely low blood pressure. While park staff were attempting to contact EMS, the two quickly gathered pertinent information from the woman and engaged with her to keep her conscious until paramedics arrived. Their calm precise actions helped to make a serious situation much easier and likely led to a better outcome for the woman. These selfless acts may have gone unnoticed if not for the great appreciation of the woman’s son, a District Court Judge and former prosecutor in Florida. For this, Sheriff Fatheree will honor Deputy Lopez with a Commendation, and Mrs. Lopez with a Civilian Award of Excellence.

Detective William McKinney

On May 25, 2021, the New Franklin Police Department requested assistance for a shooting which occurred at a local bar. All available cars were directed to respond. Summit County Dispatch advised the suspect had fled the scene. While on his way to work an extra detail nearby, Detective McKinney heard the call go out and responded. He obtained a visual of the suspect’s vehicle fleeing onto S. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. He followed the vehicle and found it crashed into a telephone pole at the intersection of S. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. and Lake Front. The vehicle had rolled onto its side and the suspect was still inside. Noticing an AR-15 at the driver’s feet, Detective McKinney held the suspect at gunpoint while awaiting backup. While waiting for back up, another vehicle stopped at the scene with two unknown subjects, one of whom began to approach the Detective and the crashed vehicle, refusing to follow his commands not to approach. Eventually, the subject complied with the commands to get on the ground while the driver of the vehicle remained in the car. Detective McKinney held all three subjects at gunpoint while awaiting back-up. After back-up arrived it was discovered that the AR-15 was found to have a round chambered with an extra capacity magazine. For this, Sheriff Fatheree is awarding Detective McKinney an Office Citation Award.

Deputy Andrew Kish

On April 28, 2021, Deputy Kish was dispatched to a fire in an apartment complex in Green. Upon arrival, he confirmed that no one was in that unit. With only a fire extinguisher, he entered the apartment that was filled with heavy black smoke and located and extinguished part of the fire. Due to the smoke and no breathing apparatus, he exited the apartment and continued to evacuate the complex until firefighters arrived on scene. Deputy Kish continued to assist by recording all the names and phone numbers for occupants of each apartment, allowing the Fire Department to ensure that all occupants were evacuated. According to the Green Fire Department, Deputy Kish’s swift actions possibly saved the building from becoming fully engulfed by the fire. As a result of these actions, Sheriff Fatheree will reward Deputy Kish with a Certificate of Merit.

Deputies Demetrius Gardner, Kyle Johnson, Nathan May, Frank Vottero, and Corliss Stargen

On March 19, 2021, Deputy Nathan May discovered an inmate experiencing a medical emergency. He immediately called for assistance. Deputies Gardner, Johnson, and Stargen responded to the scene. As a team they carried the inmate from his cell and placed him on the catwalk. Realizing that the inmate was unconscious, Deputies Stargen and Vottero began CPR until the inmate regained consciousness and medical staff arrived on the scene. The Deputies continued to provide assistance and secure the scene until Akron Fire arrived and transported the inmate to the hospital. These Deputies quick response likely saved this inmates live. As a result of their actions, Sheriff Fatheree will award Deputies Gardner and Johnson with a Certificate of Appreciation, Deputy May with a Commendation, and Deputies Vottero and Stargen with the Life-Saving Award.

Deputies Shane Smith and Vincent Tersingi

On February 27, 2021, Deputy Smith and Deputy Tersingi responded to a residence in Coventry Township where a suspect was holding his sister hostage in the basement at gun point. During the incident, the sister was able to get away from the suspect and barricade herself and two children in a bedroom, but was unable to exit the residence. The suspect appeared to be on drugs and was extremely paranoid. Upon arrival, Deputies Smith and Tersingi responded to the rear of the residence and were able to extract the victim and her children out through a bedroom window. SWAT responded and after several hours of failed negotiations deployed chemical munitions into the home. The suspect surrendered without further incident. During the search of the home, a loaded handgun was located. Due to these Deputies’ actions, the victims were able to escape and were saved from possibly being seriously injured or worse. As a result of these actions, Sheriff Fatheree will reward Deputies Smith and Tersingi with a Certificate of Merit.

Captain Scott Cottle, Deputy Mark Adams, and Deputy John Rimedio

On January 31, 2021, Captain Cottle, Deputy Adams and Deputy Rimedio responded to the Target Plaza on Arlington Road for a juvenile male threatening suicide. The juvenile was observed sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle holding a knife up to his wrist, threatening to kill himself. Captain Cottle and Deputy Adams engaged in conversation with the juvenile in an attempt to get him to put the knife down. Deputy Adams waited for an opportune moment to deploy his taser in order to incapacitate the juvenile and gain control his arm and the knife. At that moment, Captain Cottle entered from the front driver’s side and Deputy Jon Rimedio entered from the rear driver’s side. As a team, the three gain control of the juvenile’s arms and Deputy Adams was able to remove the knife from the vehicle. The juvenile was treated on scene by EMS personnel and transported to Akron Children’s hospital for further evaluation. The team effort employed in response to this incident prevented this juvenile from taking his own life. As a result of their actions, Sheriff Fatheree will present them with a Commendation Award.