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County of Summit

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Kandy Fatheree, Sheriff

Summit County Sheriff Fatheree

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Commendations & Awards

Deputy Lucas Dies and Deputy John Lombardi

On August 3, 2023, at approximately 1748 hours, Deputy Dies and Deputy Lombardi were working patrol and became involved in the pursuit of a male suspect who had carjacked several vehicles. The suspect began his crime spree in Akron where he stole a vehicle, drove it to the City of Green, and ran out of gas at the BP station on Arlington Road. He assaulted several customers in an attempt to steal another vehicle but was unsuccessful. The suspect ran from the gas station to the Taco Bell next door where he was able to carjack a vehicle from a female who had her three children (ages 2, 5, and 6) inside the car. The woman fought with the suspect, even being dragged while holding onto her car attempting to rescue her children, but he managed to speed off, striking the building as he fled.

The mother was able to remove the 5 and 6-year-olds from the vehicle before the suspect fled to Interstate 77, but the 2-year-old remained inside. The suspect stopped at a gas station one exit down and handed off the 2-year-old to an unknown person, and again fled the scene on Interstate 77 South. Deputies Lombardi and Dies pursued the suspect with information that the child was still inside the vehicle.  The pursuit went into Stark County, through a number of side roads, and back onto Interstate 77 North into the City of Akron to the North Hill area.

During the incident, two Sheriff’s Office vehicles were struck along with another vehicle. The stolen vehicle eventually became disabled and the suspect exited the vehicle and fled on foot, but was quickly apprehended by the Deputies. During the foot pursuit, Deputy Lombardi and Deputy Dies slid down a ridge to keep up with the suspect, which resulted in Deputy Lombardi sustaining a concussion and several minor injuries.

Due to their quick response and persistence in pursuit of this carjacker, Deputies Lombardi and Dies were able to apprehend the suspect and keep others safe from his actions. For their actions, Sheriff Fatheree is honoring them with an Office Citation.   

Sergeant Josh Bolinger, Deputy Ryan Heigelmann, Deputy Eric Fedrick-Finn, and Deputy David Roberts

On March 17, 2023, while working in the Summit County Jail, Deputy Heigelmann wanted to have the cell of an inmate cleaned and asked the inmate to step out of his cell. He noticed the inmate was physically unstable and needed assistance. The inmate was handcuffed and seated at a table, but Heigelmann noticed that his condition began to deteriorate, and Deputy Fedrick Finn was advised to call medical staff. Nursing staff arrived and began vital checks and were unsuccessful with a pulse and a sternum rub. Deputies Heigelmann and Fedrick-Finn laid the inmate on the floor and began CPR. As they continued rotating CPR, they retrieved the AED for further treatment. Sergeant Bolinger and Deputy Roberts arrived on scene and assisted with chest compressions. The Deputies continued taking turns at chest compressions until Akron Fire arrived on scene, and they were eventually able to get a pulse prior to the inmate being transported to the hospital for further treatment. Although the inmate later passed, the Deputies involved were able to regain a pulse for transport and treatment.

Due to their actions and care, Sheriff Fatheree is honoring Deputy Ryan Heigelmann, Deputy Eric Fedrick-Finn, Deputy David Roberts, and Sergeant Josh Bolinger with the Life Saving Award.

Deputy Abby Wilson

On May 12, 2022, Summit County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 77 Northbound around Massillon Road for an ODOT vehicle struck by a dump truck. Both vehicles burst into flames upon colliding, and the occupant of the ODOT vehicle suffered serious injuries. Deputy Abby Wilson was assigned to complete the investigation. After which, an arrest was made and the defendant plead guilty to Aggravated Vehicular Assault and Operating a Vehicle Intoxicated, resulting in a prison sentence of 5-7 years. Deputy Wilson completed this extensive investigation while working her regularly scheduled shift, in between responding to calls. Due to her investigation, the injured ODOT worker was able to have justice for his pain and suffering.

For her dedication and thorough investigation, Sheriff Fatheree is honoring Deputy Wilson with a Commendation.

Deputy Lucas Dies and Deputy Nick DiSabato

On December 20, 2022, at approximately 0350 hours, Deputies Lucas Dies and Nick DiSabato responded to a residence in the City of Green after receiving a call about an individual being attacked by a dog. Upon their arrival, they both observed a pitbull attacking a male in the yard. As they approached the scene they attempted to scare the dog off, but it continued to attack the victim. Deputy DiSabato was forced to draw his service weapon and put the dog down. DiSabato and Dies then began providing life-saving measures to the individual and called EMS to the location. Deputy Dies applied a tourniquet to slow the bleeding as the male had suffered significant blood loss, loss of an eye and nose, and several fingers. Both Deputies talked to the victim trying to keep him calm until EMS arrived. They then assisted fire department personnel with their equipment and assisting in the continued care of the male.

According to the City of Green Fire Department Battalion Chief in a letter he wrote to Sheriff Fatheree, the victim endured a major trauma to his hands and face. He stated that Deputies Dies and DiSabato prevented the victim and others from being further injured or possibly killed, and that their actions resulted in the victim surviving this incident.

For their swift and decisive actions, Sheriff Fatheree is honoring Deputy DiSabato and Deputy Dies with a Life Saving Award.

Deputy Allyssa Welch-Brenner

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, Deputy Welch-Brenner was working at the Summit County Jail and assigned to housing Unit 5. At approximately 2009 hours, she was making her security rounds and looked into a cell occupied by an inmate. As she walked past, something caught her eye and she stopped to look closer. She opened the cell door and entered, noticing that the inmate’s face was blue in color. She pulled the blanket off the inmate and discovered there was a sheet tied around the inmate’s neck. The inmate was unresponsive, and Deputy Welch-Brenner immediately called for medical staff assistance and untied the knot, which allowed the inmate to begin breathing. Due to her actions, the inmate survived the suicide attempt and is alive today.

For her attentiveness and swift response, Sheriff Fatheree is honoring Deputy Welch-Brenner with the Life Saving Award.

Nurse Bobbi Gainey, Deputies Alexander Walker, Mark Arconti, James Hipp, Ryan Heigelmann, Anthony Lombardo, Raymond Goclano, and Sgt. Josh Bolinger

On September 22, 2023, an inmate was observed on camera laying on the floor of his cell by the door at approximately 1712 hours. Deputy Alexander Walker responded to the cell to check on the inmate and found him unresponsive, not breathing, and without a pulse. Deputy Walker immediately called for assistance, laid the inmate flat on the floor and began CPR. Nurse Bobbi Gainey responded and relieved Deputy Walker, taking over CPR and rescue breaths. Deputy James Hipp retrieved the AED and attached it to the inmate, and Sergeant Josh Bolinger and Deputy Ryan Heigelmann arrived on scene to assist.

Deputy Heigelmann took over chest compressions from Nurse Gainey, alternating with Deputies Arconti, Hipp, Goclano, Lombardo, and Sgt. Bolinger until Akron Fire personnel relieved them for further treatment. Due to their actions, the inmate regained a pulse and was transported to the hospital for additional treatment.

For their collective response and dedicated efforts, Sheriff Fatheree is honoring Deputies Walker, Arconti, Hipp, Heigelmann, Lombardo, Goclano, and Sgt. Bolinger with the Life Saving Award and Nurse Gainey with a Life Saving Certificate.

Deputy Jordan Larson

On January 22, 2023, at approximately 1300 hours, Deputy Larson was working at the Summit County Jail.  During his shift, he responded to emergency traffic for a male excessively bleeding from his arm while on Unit 4A.  The inmate had been cleaning his cell and apparently cut his arm on the upper storage compartment corner attached to the bunk.  Deputy Larson quickly assessed the inmate’s heavy bleeding and realized that nobody else who responded had a tourniquet.  Deputy Larson creatively made a make-shift tourniquet from a sheet to attempt to stop the bleeding.  Due to his quick thinking and response during a critical situation, the bleeding was able to be stopped and jail medical staff provided care prior to the inmate being transported to the hospital.  The inmate was treated and later brought back to the jail. For Deputy Larson’s quick responsive actions, Sheriff Fatheree is recognizing him with a commendation award.

Deputies Mia Trustdorf & Brian Woods

On March 23, 2023, at approximately 1823 hours, Deputies Mia Trustdorf and Brian Woods were working in Twinsburg Township when they responded to a house fire. According to the caller, her husband was trapped inside the home and she could not get him out.  Both Deputy Trustdorf and Woods arrived simultaneously as well as the Twinsburg Fire Department chase vehicle.  Initially, no smoke was located from any of the homes in the area but after a few moments, they were able to locate the home and see smoke inside.  Upon determining the location of the fire inside of the home, both Deputies were advised that there were three occupants inside.  Deputy Trustdorf and Deputy Woods entered the smoke-filled home without concern for their own safety and escorted an 83-year-old woman and her 25-year-old grandson from the home.  The grandson wanted to go back in for his grandfather, but the smoke was too overwhelming.  Deputies Trustdorf and Deputy Woods were able to stay with the woman and her grandson while additional Twinsburg Fire personnel were able to rescue the 90-year-old man.  The occupants of the home were treated at a local hospital for smoke inhalation. Chief Timothy Morgan from Twinsburg Fire sent his gratitude to Sheriff Fatheree regarding the integral part both Deputies played in the successful rescue of the occupants in the home. For Deputy Trustdorf’s and Deputy Woods’ actions, Sheriff Fatheree is recognizing them with a commendation award.      

Deputies Joseph Fiorenza & Chris Klopfenstein

On July 6, 2023, Deputy Joseph Fiorenza and Deputy Chris Klopfenstein were working at the Summit County Jail.  Deputy Fiorenza was making the rounds on the housing unit and discovered an inmate on the floor of their cell discolored and unconscious.  Deputy Fiorenza notified the jail medical staff over the radio then began to check for breathing and a pulse, neither of which were present.  Deputy Klopfenstein arrived on scene to assist Deputy Fiorenza and both began life saving measures by administering CPR until medical staff arrived.  Once medical staff arrived, Deputy Fiorenza assisted by setting up the defibrillator on the inmate.  Medical staff continued CPR, additional medication, and eventually were able to get the inmate’s pulse and breathing started again.  Without Deputy Fiorenza’s attention to detail and Deputy Klopfenstein’s quick response to help Deputy Fiorenza, the inmate may not have survived.  For Deputy Fiorenza’s and Deputy Klopfenstein’s quick actions, Sheriff Fatheree is recognizing them with a lifesaving award. 

Deputy Brian Gorham

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Deputy Brian Gorham was working patrol in Coventry Township when he received and responded to a call for a reported gas grill on fire next to a home and adjacent to the primary door used by the occupants of the home.  As Deputy Gorham was en route, it was reported the gas grill had exploded, however, it was later discovered the propane tank did not explode but the pressure release valve gave way on the tank due to the heat and caused the fire to spread extremely fast on the side of the home.  Upon Deputy Gorham’s arrival on scene, the house was on fire and there were 4-5 occupants trapped inside with one being a bed-ridden elderly male, along with several pets.  Deputy Gorham noticed the door frame on fire, and he was able to climb over the porch banister and enter the residence.  A passerby stopped to assist Deputy Gorham and they were able to pick the elderly male up and carry him out of the residence to safety.  As Deputy Gorham was catching his breath from smoke inhalation and fatigue, he discovered one of the occupants had gone back into the residence to look for her dog.  Deputy Gorham went back to the home and located the female exiting the house with her dog and he escorted them to a safe area across the street.  For Deputy Gorham’s quick response and actions, Sheriff Fatheree is recognizing him with a certificate of merit.

Deputies Todd Reichenbach & John Hetzel

On June 17, 2023, Deputy Todd Reichenbach and Deputy John Hetzel were working patrol and at Akron Canton Airport.  During his shift, Deputy Reichenbach assisted a woman and her special needs cousin in locating and getting transportation to an ATM.  Deputy Reichenbach took the time to speak with them and determined they needed a ride to the ATM to get money to pay for a taxi.  Deputy Reichenbach called Deputy Hetzel to see if he was available to give them a ride.  Deputy Hetzel came to the airport and gave them a ride to acquire the cash they needed for a taxi.  The assistance both Deputy Reichenbach and Deputy Hetzel provided exceeded their expectations and they stated they had never seen anybody go above and beyond like both Deputies did.  Deputies Reichenbach and Hetzel’s willingness to serve and their dedication to assisting these individuals left a positive reflection not only on them and the Sheriff’s Office, but both individuals they helped.  For Deputy Reichenbach’s and Deputy Hetzel’s actions, Sheriff Fatheree is recognizing them with letters of appreciation.   

Deputy Mark Adams

On January 23, 2023, a male was at the end of his trial in Summit County Common Pleas Court for rape. The Jury found the individual guilty. During the weeklong trial, emotions were running high with the family. Multiple deputies were working to make sure there were no incidents during the trial. When the individual was asked to rise from his seat for the reading of the verdict, Deputy Adams observed the individual had an object in his hand and started to unbutton his shirt as the guilty verdict was read. The individual attempted to stab himself in the stomach, but Deputy Adams was able to gain control of the individual’s arm and remove a sharpened toothbrush from his grasp. Thanks to his close observance and awareness during this sensitive situation, along with his overall professionalism, a suicide attempt was diverted. The male was taken into custody, transported to the Summit County Jail, and placed on suicide precautions. For his actions, Deputy Adams is receiving a Commendation from Sheriff Fatheree. 

Sgt. Michael Lopez and Deputy Joey Salser

On February 18, 2023, Summit County Dispatch received a call for a possible burglary and protection order violation. The homeowner asked Deputy Salser and Sgt. Lopez to clear the residence to ensure the suspect was not inside. While they were clearing the residence, they both realized there were items that appeared to be dangerous ordinances and called the Summit County Bomb Squad. The Bomb Squad arrived and located multiple explosive and incendiary devices, weapons, and tactical gear. The ATF was notified and was also on-scene. Deputy Salser and Sgt. Lopez assisted in evacuating residents, removing them from potential danger. Due to their efforts, they were able to avert a potentially dangerous situation, and had a positive and safe outcome for those residents and other community members. For their actions, they are receiving Certificates of Appreciation from Sheriff Fatheree. 

Deputies Jordan Larson and Brandon Cutright

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, emergency radio traffic was called in the sallyport at the Summit County Jail. A female inmate was returning from another facility in the transport van and was found unresponsive. Deputy Larson was assigned to the booking area, responded, and realized the female inmate was not breathing. He retrieved four doses of Narcan nasal spray from the nurse’s station and began to administer it. Deputy Brandon Cutright was coming on shift to relieve Larson and immediately assisted and provided two of the doses of Narcan. After Larson and Cutright provided Narcan, the female inmate regained consciousness. Akron Fire Department responded to the jail, provided additional treatment to the inmate, and transported her to the hospital where she made a full recovery. For their efforts, Deputies Larson and Cutright are receiving Certificates of Appreciation from Sheriff Fatheree. 

Deputy Patrick Jordan

The Awards Committee would like to recognize the response to citizen Ms. Mary Walther on November 13, 2022. She sent a letter to the Sheriff’s office stating she wanted to write about the wonderful service she received from Deputy Jordan. Sunday, November 13, 2022, her car’s alternator quit working at the corner of South Main and Mt. Pleasant. She was having difficulty communicating with AAA for roadside assistance and it was getting dark. She called 911 to have some help notifying other drivers of her car being in the road. Deputy Jordan responded and stayed with her until a tow truck came. Ms. Walther was very relieved. She stated she is certain they would have been hit by another car had it not been for Jordan's car’s flashing lights. She stated she is extremely grateful for his service and response. Thank you to Deputy Jordan for his exemplary professionalism and dedication. He is receiving letter of appreciation from Sheriff Fatheree. 

Deputy John Hetzel

On December 3, 2022, Deputy Hetzel responded to Hilton Gardens Inn in Green for an apparent overdose. Upon his arrival, he found a 47-year-old male unresponsive, blue in color, with no pulse. A female acquaintance was performing chest compressions on the male. Deputy Hetzel immediately took over chest compressions as Green Fire Department was coming in the room. The male was revived upon their arrival and was transported to the hospital for further treatment and survived the overdose. For his actions, Deputy Hetzel is receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Sheriff Fatheree.


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