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All of us - uniformed officers, sworn and civilian staff - are proud to serve the people of Summit County. We are working as your team in law enforcement and public safety.

When you make a selection from the menu above you will see the services the Sheriff's Office provides every day of the year.

You will discover ways that you can participate in the police work that goes on in our communities and neighborhoods. Finally, you will also see how to contact the members of the Sheriff's Office Online.

Please join us in a partnership on the streets and in the neighborhoods of our communities to provide the best policing service in the United States.

Let's get a conversation going! Let us know what's on your mind. Let's talk about our partnership in the policing of our communities in Summit County.

Together we will make a difference!


The Sheriff's Office is currently accepting application for the position of Deputy Sheriff. If you are interested in applying, please visit:


2018 Summit County Sheriff's Office Annual Report

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